Greater Toronto Property Management provides a complete set of management services that cater to the needs of owners and residents of all of our managed corporations and personal investments. Our diverse corporate portfolio clearly demonstrates our high degree of experience in managing high-rise, low-rise, and residential townhouses, as well as commercial properties. Our services can be categorized as follows: financial, operational, and administrative.


  • Prepare annual and long-term budgets
  • Manage on-site staff
  • Instruct trades when on site
  • Preparation of Status Certificates
  • Prepare and distribute Annual General Meeting packages
  • Prepare and distribute notices on behalf of the Board
  • Prepare and issue correspondence for monthly Board Meetings, Annual General Meetings, other Special Meetings
  • Communication with Corporation's Solicitor and attendance at court when necessary
  • Assistance in preparation of "Welcome Package" for all new residents
  • Assistance in preparation of the Corporation's newsletters
  • Establishment of excellent resident relations
  • Guidance on acquisition of insurance and appraisals
  • Set effective parking control procedures
  • By-law Enforcement
  • Establish acceptable procedures to record and pursue by-law and house-rule infractions and notify Board accordingly. GT Property Management is familiar with the Condominium Act and the Fire & Safety Codes and other relevant acts, which pertain to the management of your Corporation.
  • Formulation of Fire Safety Plan and Fire Safety Instructions
  • Enforcement of the Condominium Act, Declaration, By-laws, and Rules and Regulations.


GT Property Management in its experience is familiar with qualified contractors and has general knowledge of the work required of approximate costs. GT Property Management will also be responsible for tendering work to ensure that the Corporation receives the best contracting value possible.

Financial Management

  • Prepare and distribute financial statements monthly to the Board by the 15th day of the following month. Included in the financial statements will be the following:
  • Notes, which will explain any large current month variances in expenditures over the current monthly budgeted expenditures. A breakdown of Accounts Receivable, a summary of invested funds, and an analysis of Accrued Liabilities.
  • Balance sheet
  • Detailed breakdown of Reserve Fund and Expenses
  • Statement of Operations
  • Detailed Breakdown of Expenditures
  • Trial Balance
  • Accounts Receivable Aged Trial Balance
  • Accounts Payable Summary
  • Cash Disbursements Listing
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Utility Accruals Listing
  • Copies of Bank and Investment Statements
  • Cash Management and investment of surplus funds in the Corporation's name under the direction of the Board for maximum return on investments.
  • Prepare draft budget and present to the Board 60 days prior to year-end.
  • Reserve fund planning and projections, all in accordance with engineered reserve fund study.
  • Use of purchase order system and have efficient and acceptable approval controls.
  • Complete payroll administration including direct deposit for all employees.
  • Preparation and assistance for the annual audit.
  • Timely and effective common element fee collections.
  • Processing of all accounts receivable, accounts payable and banking.
  • Pre-Authorized payment for common element fees.

Meeting Attendance

Attend monthly Board Meetings, Annual General Meetings, and any other meetings required by the Board.

Physical Management

  • Regular and thorough building and ground inspections and regular reporting to the Board.
  • Preparation of job descriptions, work schedules and evaluations for all staff.
  • Strict inventory controls.
  • On-Site preventative maintenance scheduling, equipment maintenance logs, work supervision, inspection and approval controls.
  • Periodical technical evaluations of building operating equipment.
  • Site personnel supervision, hiring and training.
  • 24 hour emergency coverage.
  • Supervision of all maintenance work and regular reporting to the Board.
  • Contract administration and supervision.

Record Keeping

  • Maintain Corporation's documents and records, and register as required by the Condominium Act.
  • Maintain unit files and records.


GT Property Management is fully insured as a property management company with full errors and omissions insurance and will also be co-insured with your Corporation’s insurance policy upon acceptance.